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Guidelines for Video and Image Submissions

1) Submissions should be between 30 seconds (minimum) and 3 minutes (maximum) for video, or of standard or high quality for images.

2) The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 10 MB.

3) Conduct yourself in a somewhat professional manner; this work will be (somewhat) public.

4) Be concise and clear.

5) Use the following questions as guidelines for your work; you don't need to use any or all of them:

  • Have you ever felt discouraged/seen your friend be discouraged from engaging with tech or any other STEM fields due to gender/background?

  • What do you find yourself using technology for most often?

  • Are there any specific stereotypes about women pursuing tech/STEM that you would like to address?

  • What do you use technology most often for? Are you more of a programmer or a manipulator of tech?

  • You can build one and only one piece of technology to create a positive impact on the world of any sort. What is it and why would you make that?

  • What are the 3 most prominent issues of the 21st century involving technology in your opinion?

  • What is your favorite tech/STEM field and why?

  • How has technology impacted your worldview and the things that you do?

  • What is the biggest threat that technology poses to society and our global/economic structure?

  • In what ways can technology change lives, and how can we help?

  • How does technology benefit us as a society?

  • Why is it important to close the gender gap in STEM (and in general)?


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